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“The Ballad of Me and My Brain”

I know what you're thinking. I haven't posted on here in a while and now I'm back with a really intense post. But really, would this be something written by me if it wasn't intense??? This is probably going to be a long one so I hope you're strapped in and ready for the ride.In… Continue reading “The Ballad of Me and My Brain”

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Ebooks vs Physical Books

I love books.Books in all different shapes, sizes, colours, forms, genres. I just love them all. But we live in a digital society and so, it's only natural to digitize books, right? I'll be honest, I was a harsh critic when the first ever kindle was dropped onto the scene. I was one of those… Continue reading Ebooks vs Physical Books

My Experience With:

My Experience With: Being Homeless

From the title you're probably imagining me sleeping on streets and begging for money, but that was not my homeless experience. Fortunately, might I add. But I was still technically classed as homeless nonetheless. At age seventeen my mother decided, to be brutally honest, that she'd had enough of being a parent (although I'll admit… Continue reading My Experience With: Being Homeless