The Curious Case of Charlotte Thimble (Radio Extract)

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Detective Stanley Moore: Mid 40’s. Typical 1800’s detective; sarcastic and intelligent, headstrong, the dominant one in the friendship. Never without a pipe and always keeps a flask of scotch nearby. Doctor Francis Walsh: Mid 40’s. Highly sceptical, suspicious, and not easily led astray. Overthinks everything, lingers on minor details, and smokes far more … Continue reading The Curious Case of Charlotte Thimble (Radio Extract)

Disorder: Act 1, Scene 4 (Stage Extract)

*I hate that I am unable to format scripts correctly on WordPress, it's so frustrating* ACT I          SCENE 4 THE LIGHTS COME ON. THE STAGE IS BARE EXCEPT FOR TWO CHAIRS POSITIONED SIDE BY SIDE. EVIE AND HEATHER ARE SAT ON THE CHAIRS AND THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF THIS SCENE, THEY DO NOT ACKNOWLEGDE ONE … Continue reading Disorder: Act 1, Scene 4 (Stage Extract)

Killing Moons

Twelve years eight months and nine dayswhen I met you. You said you’d been twelve for a long timebut I didn’t question it. I didn’t care.I longed for the sweet embrace of acceptance,and those insecurities within, obscure and desolate.Your snowflake skin glistened under the fluorescent lampsand your matted hair concealed that jungle gym mind.But you … Continue reading Killing Moons