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Killing Moons (Poem)

Twelve years eight months and nine dayswhen I met you. You said you’d been twelve for a long timebut I didn’t question it. I didn’t care.I longed for the sweet embrace of acceptance,and those insecurities within, obscure and desolate.Your snowflake skin glistened under the fluorescent lampsand your matted hair concealed that jungle gym mind.But you… Continue reading Killing Moons (Poem)


My August Reads

Okay I know, we're halfway through September and August feels like a whole season away, but I've been uhming and ahhing about doing this post for a few weeks now. Not because it'll cause controversy or debate, this isn't a matter to take to the Houses of Parliament, but because I just wasn't sure if… Continue reading My August Reads

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Having An Active Online Presence Doesn’t Mean You’re Unhappy

Okay so a couple of months ago an article I wrote was published by The Uni Bubble. Back then I was in the middle of a (long term) blogging hiatus, but now that I'm back I've decided to repost it on my own blog. I'll leave the link to the original article at the bottom.… Continue reading Having An Active Online Presence Doesn’t Mean You’re Unhappy