Mental Health

The Truth About Mental Illness and Toxicity

Mental illness is talked about more frequently nowadays but there always seems to be a part of it that is ignored, more often than not. And I think it's because people don't want to admit it. Mental illness can turn you into a toxic person. Admitting that you are or have been a toxic person… Continue reading The Truth About Mental Illness and Toxicity


2019: A Reflection

So 2019 has been... interesting.Tis the season for reflection. December is the month that everyone starts to look back on everything they have accomplished (and not accomplished) over the past year, before setting themselves some goals for the year ahead. I, clearly, am no different as you can probably guess by the title. I figured… Continue reading 2019: A Reflection

My Experience With:

My Experience With: Being Homeless

From the title you're probably imagining me sleeping on streets and begging for money, but that was not my homeless experience. Fortunately, might I add. But I was still technically classed as homeless nonetheless. At age seventeen my mother decided, to be brutally honest, that she'd had enough of being a parent (although I'll admit… Continue reading My Experience With: Being Homeless

Creative Pieces · Poetry

Killing Moons (Poem)

Twelve years eight months and nine dayswhen I met you. You said you’d been twelve for a long timebut I didn’t question it. I didn’t care.I longed for the sweet embrace of acceptance,and those insecurities within, obscure and desolate.Your snowflake skin glistened under the fluorescent lampsand your matted hair concealed that jungle gym mind.But you… Continue reading Killing Moons (Poem)